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i don’t get it


if we can’t forget about our first love, and we don’t really actually ‘move on’ does that mean were actually “meant” to be with that person. but things were just fucked up for a second and nobody actually took initiative in fixing it an saving something that could have been a long beautiful relationship? they say you’ll never love again like you did the first time…so. why. 

i’m over thinking.

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  • Me at 10 PM: fuck man i'm so tired
  • Me at 4 AM: i must WRITE A NOVEL

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queenofthemotherland: Ahh Psh It's No problem :) You're more than welcome love ^_^

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queenofthemotherland: NoNo! No guessing. You are GORGEOUS Karen. I promise, cross my heart, if you were ugly I would tell you haha. You just don't see the beauty that everyone else does. Don't compare yourself to what everyone else defines as perfection. You Are Amazing! :) Chin up, Buttercup!

You made my night :,)
Thank you!

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queenofthemotherland: It's ok, just embrace your body. Even if you don't have curves. Whether you're skinny, or naturally have curves. Whatever you are, love it. Because loving yourself and accepting who you are is so important!

yeah i guess so..

thanks. :)

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i hate feeling like shit.

fuck anxiety

fuck depression.

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